Korean Webtoon vs Japanese Manga

So after 4 years of hiatus AbsurdAle is back to reason with absurd manga world. And this time it’s webtoon world. Many of you might already know about Korean webtoon. It is basically… Continue reading

Yamada and the Seven Witches #59 Summary

Maybe… Being honest is the best thing in this world… Maybe… Chapter 59 Summary The reason Miyamura transferred to Suzaku High is because he wanted to find the witch who changed his sister’s… Continue reading

Weekly Gallery #02

This week theme is villain. I got several images from Lord Kimbab 1072… Here is our gallery this week. The Evil Trio (Aizen – Gin – Tousen) from Bleach by AbsurdAle (Vintage?) Ulquiorra… Continue reading

Yamada and the Seven Witches #58 Summary

In the previous chapter we knew that Miyamura has a secret that he has been keeping from anyone in the supernatural study club. What is his secret? Chapter 58 Summary Miyamura tells Yamada… Continue reading

Amnesia and Female Characters

I’ve read so many manga, more than I can count and remember. I read all genre of manga whether it is shounen, shoujo, josei, or seinen. The only genres I don’t and won’t… Continue reading

Yamada and the Seven Witches #57 Summary

Finally!! After 50+ chapters.. This is what I’m waiting for!! Go Yamada!! Go!! Goooo!!!!!! Chapter 57 Summary :             Sarushima kissed Yamada and they saw the future. Then, Yamada… Continue reading

Read More… Laugh Even More…

No plot but hilarious! Where else you can see this funny jokes about Naruto….?! Our hot blooded and hardworking ninja! Rock Lee!! Shikamaru FALL IN LOVE and using Kage Nui to write L.O.V.E…?… Continue reading

Bleach Funny Jokes

Again… Funny jokes from Bleach. All credits go to the respective creator of these images.       I WAS Bleach fan too… Until…

Yamada and the Seven Witches #56 Summary

New development!! Student council president issue will be resolved in this chapter… And Yamada feels a little bit insecure…?! Why…?!

Naruto Funny Jokes

Just compilation of Naruto funny jokes. All credit goes to the creators.